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The Cozycableset consists of a sweater with matching shorts, both are knitted top down in cable pattern and can be worn individually or as a set. Whether as home wear or combined with boots and leather jacket for everyday life, everything is possible here.


Suggested Needles


Circular needles 4 mm (80cm, for L/ XL 100cm)

Circular needles 4 mm (40cm)

Circular needles 3,5 mm (60cm, for L/XL 80cm)

Circular needles 3.5 mm (40cm)

Double pointed needles 3.5 mm (optional)


Note: I’m knitting very tight, maybe you’ll need a smaller needle size. Please knit a swatch to check gauge.



With 2 threads Babylambalpaca held together in main pattern

25 sts x 18 rows = 10 x 5cm (washed & blocked)



(1000) 1100 (1200) 1400 (1500) 1600 g Babylambalpaca by Knitloop 400m/100g or a similar 4ply weight yarnNote: the sweater is knitted with 2 threads held together!


The amount of wool refers to the Cozycablesweater AND the Cozycableshorts! If you choose different sizes for sweater and shorts, note that the needed amount of yarn is based on the larger size.




The Cozycableshorts are knitted in a cable pattern of two different cables and are super practical with side pockets. The waistband is hold by a 4 cm wide elastic, which is sewn in after washing and blocking. The shorts are knitted top down, working increases in the center front and back to get the necessary width for the hips. They are worn highwaist and unfortunately do not get along completely without sewing, the pockets must be sewn by hand last. Optionally, they can be knitted in cozy wool, but a more summer option like bamboo is also possible.


(XXS) XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)
Waist: (70) 78 (95) 103 (120) 128 cm
Hip: (95) 103 (120) 128 (145) 153 cm
Length: (38) 38 (40) 40 (42) 42 cm


Size guide

The shorts should be knitted with a positive ease of about 5-10cm. The required size is determined by your hip circumference, which is approximately (85-90cm) 95-100cm (110-115cm) 116-123cm (130-140cm) 141-148cm. The measurement of the waist may be a little wider, because it can be individually regulated by the waistband elastic, so that the shorts fit well. If your hip measurement is outside the ranges described, it is up to you whether you prefer to wear the shorts tight or loose. However, I would advise against knitting the shorts with negative ease.




The Cozycablesweater is a sweater that is worn oversized and keeps you warm on cool summer evenings. The sweater is knitted top down, starting by working the shoulder. Then stitches for front & back are picked up from the shoulder and first the body needs to be worked in rows before joining to the round. A special feature of the Cozycablesweater are the side slits on the body, which are emphasized by decreases in the front & back. The sweater is knitted slightly shortened. However, if that is not desired, there is also a note, where the body can be lengthened. The sleeves are also generous, but become narrower towards the arm hem with the help of symmetrically worked decreases.




(XXS) XS (S) M (L) XL

Width: (110) 120 (136) 146 (162) 172 cm

Length: (48) 48 (52) 52 (56) 56 cm


Size guide


The sweater should be knitted with a positive ease of about 25-30 cm. The size is determined by the bust circumference, which is approximately (80-85cm) 90-95cm (105-110cm) 115-120cm (130-135cm) 140-145 cm.
If your bust circumference is exactly in the range between two sizes, it does not mean that you cannot knit the sweater. You are free to decide if you prefer to wear your sweater a little more oversized by choosing the larger size. If you don't like your sweater quite so generous, choose the smaller size.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer more in-between sizes, because then the cable pattern cannot be continued continuously.

Cozycableset // ENGLISH

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